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Become a Training Provider!

Charlotte Works plays a huge role in up-skilling the local workforce through funding training for those with barriers to employment. Charlotte Works is looking to partner with local training providers who offer accredited programs that result in a post-secondary credential upon program completion. All approved programs must lead to employment opportunities.

Steps to become a training provider

  1. Register as a provider on
    • Detailed instructions are available in the application link to the right. The State of North Carolina is now conducting the initial review and we are unable to approve providers locally until the state has approved providers.
  2. Complete the Training Provider Application
    • Requires completed MOU available in the link to the right
  3. Provider Review and Determination
    • Charlotte Works will be in touch regarding the next steps should your application meet our initial requirements or let you know why you are not eligible at this time

Training Provider Details

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity (WIOA) Act requires that states and local area workforce boards maintain an eligible training provider list (ETPL) and list of programs that are certified to receive students using WIOA funds. This list is a tool for participants seeking training to identify local providers and programs and access relevant information including cost and length of program.

To receive WIOA funds, students must qualify for services under WIOA and they are only permitted to use these funds in programs that appear on the eligible training provider list. Inclusion on the ETPL itself does not guarantee that WIOA funds are available for enrollment. Programs are approved at the state level, but each workforce board can certify programs based on local demand.

More Information

If you are a student interested in training or need more information on becoming an eligible training provider in North Carolina Please refer to the NC Eligible Training Provider List.

Unfortunately, Charlotte Works does not provide funding for Bachelor’s, Masters, or Doctoral degrees at this time. For more information, you may review our detailed training provider policy.

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