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Are you good with numbers and money management? Are you interested in investment, the stock market, or fund management? The finance and insurance industry is a great option for career-seekers looking for a challenging and fast-paced career. Finance is Charlotte’s most well-known industry due to the presence of major global banks and insurance companies. Bank of America and Truist, the newly formed bank from the merger of SunTrust and BB&T, are headquartered right here in the Queen City.

The finance field offers several career paths with stable wages and is particularly lucrative for those with bachelor’s degrees. Job duties within this sector range from performing administrative tasks to providing customers with financial advice to programming cybersecurity software

Career Map

Career Map for Finance

Finance Career Map

Explore our career map to find such opportunities in:

  • Accounting and Business Finance
  • Banking Services
  • Financial Technology (FinTech)
  • Insurance
  • Securities and Investments

Career Spotlights

In each occupation spotlight download above you will find:

  • Common job titles
  • Number of positions posted in this field in Mecklenburg County in past 12 months
  • Annual salary range
  • Education/credentials preferred
  • Top Skills
  • Top Industries

In each Skills Transferability Guide above, you will find:

  • Occupation Overview: Wage, Jobs, Projected Growth
  • Minimum Educational Breakdown
  • Top Compatible Occupations with Wage, Jobs, and Projected Growth
  • Top 10 Competencies: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities
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