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Charlotte is the 17th largest city in the country. With all Charlotte has to offer there is a high demand for vibrant, talented, people-oriented individuals to fulfill the needs for Charlotte’s booming hospitality sector. The area is a growing hub for the sports industry, conferences, arts, and entertainment. Because Charlotte is buzzing with so many things to do, there is a strong need for a workforce that provides excellent customer service to those who call Charlotte home as well as those who are coming to visit.

The hospitality industry has grown significantly over the years and there is a demand for workers who are seeking to enter the field at just about all educational levels.

Industry Overview
Occupation Overview

Career Map

Career Map for Hospitality

Hospitality Career Map

Explore our career map to find such opportunities in:

  • Hotels and Lodging
  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Events and Tourism

Career Spotlights

In each occupation spotlight download above you will find:

  • Common job titles
  • Number of positions posted in this field in Mecklenburg County in past 12 months
  • Annual salary range
  • Education/credentials preferred
  • Top Skills
  • Top Industries

In each Skills Transferability Guide above, you will find:

  • Occupation Overview: Wage, Jobs, Projected Growth
  • Minimum Educational Breakdown
  • Top Compatible Occupations with Wage, Jobs, and Projected Growth
  • Top 10 Competencies: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

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