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Charlotte Works engages with businesses to help meet their talent & growth goals

Businesses thrive when they have access to skilled talent to fulfill current or future needs. Charlotte Works helps businesses fill new positions and also helps to upskill existing employees through education and skills training opportunities.

Our Business Engagement team can help you grow and thrive whether you’re:

  • a company with specific staffing needs
  • a business that must address industry skills gaps
  • an organization considering a move to our area and looking for up-to-date labor market and workforce data

We offer several different services for businesses

Talent Source Network (TSN)

Charlotte Works can help employers focus their search by identifying the types of skills they need, thereby helping them source and hire workers with those skills through a systematic process.


Labor Market Data & Analysis

Our analysis of the current and future labor market landscape can help you determine your next move whether it relates to your growth and scaling or training and pipeline needs. We curate and analyze a myriad of data points on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. For more information, check out our workforce data and career maps.

Sector Partnerships

Charlotte Works has formed sector partnerships in the construction, hospitality, and advanced manufacturing industries, fostering collaboration among employers and workforce partners to find solutions to the workforce development challenges facing their industries.


Training Grants & Learning Opportunities (Pipeline Development)

Charlotte Works provides training grants that can help you prepare current employees for new or evolving high-tech or high-skilled positions. Learn more about employer training grants.

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Charlotte Works assists employers in setting up work-based learning opportunities such as job shadows, work tours, speaking engagements with youth, internships, and apprenticeships to develop a strong talent pipeline of those prepared to fill the positions of the future.

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