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July workshops focus on diverse topics

We have some exciting new workshops scheduled for later this month!

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Hooking the Screening Interviewer: Winning the Opportunity to Compete for the Job
Presented by Paul Bruno
Monday, July 22, 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.  
Your resume was the bait and the screening interviewer picked up your line. Congratulations, you just achieved SALE 1. Now it’s time to set the hook and accomplish your new goal and achieve the in-person focused interview/s: SALE 2.

Our focus in this presentation is not on winning the job. Our focus is on winning the opportunity to compete in-person for the job. You’re in a competition here. This course is predicated on the belief that your greatest challenge in a screening interview might be to win the competition with yourself.

We’re going to focus on:

  • Your words, moods, and physical presentation: What are you telling yourself about you? How does this message impact your behavior, appearance and actual interview performance?
  • Your preparation: What do you know about the company, the job, the interviewer and the potential screening interview questions?
  • Your interview performance: What is your game plan? What are your best answers to the potential questions and how will you deliver those answers? What are your questions for the interviewer? How will you close the interview? How will you follow-up?

Your resume and application responses have generated a positive momentum in your favor. It’s time to build on that momentum and convince your interviewer that you would be an excellent fit for his or her team and organization. It’s time to win a serious look: SALE 2.

Living in Gratitude: Creating a New Way of Being
Presented by Paul Bruno
Thursday, July 25, 9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.  
Some years ago a successful life insurance salesman was analyzing his outstanding sales years. He had easily the achieved the pinnacle honor in his profession: the Million Dollar Roundtable. He was reviewing his “lessons learned” and preparing for his new year. He was surprised to discover that he averaged 25 nos before he achieved a yes in his highly successful sales process.   Your job search is a sales process. You can expect to hear, “We’ve decided to hire from within the organization” or “We’ve decided to go in another direction.” Those words are personal and, over time, they work on you. They negatively influence your self-perception, your moods and your actual performance in a job interview. We believe that you need other words and realizations to continually remind you that there are positives in your life, even in this most challenging time.

Living in Gratitude is designed to help you discover the thoughts, the beliefs and the words that will lift you and give you the desire and strength to move forward. The bottom line is that you do not have to resign yourself to staying unemployed.   By the way… that insurance salesman? For the rest of what would become a long and stellar career, when a prospect turned down his proposal, he would send a handwritten note to the individual thanking him/her for their time and consideration. After signing the note, he would add the following: P.S.: You are #16 or 17, etc.

Every Three Ring Circus Needs a Ringmaster: Managing Expectations Through Communication
Presented by Karen McIsaac
Wednesday, July 31, 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.
This presentation demonstrates how to communicate effectively through real-world examples.

Communication is essential for everyone in every scenario, from a 911 call to a presidential address. The Project Management Institute (PMI) states that 90 percent of every project manager’s responsibility is communication. If that 90 percent is done effectively, success rates increase.

The Ringmaster is an example of the power of communication – managing audience or customer expectations. When the Ringmaster provides leadership and direction to the performing teams, the audience can follow what is happening and is much more likely to enjoy the show (have expectations met). Whether project manager, supervisor or subordinate, we all have to understand the need, the power and the importance of effective communication!

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