Workforce by the Numbers: Predicting 2016’s hot jobs

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Workforce by the Numbers: Predicting 2016’s hot jobs

Workforce by the Numbers is our monthly look at the statistics and data that are shaping the workforce in the Charlotte region.


The New Year brings with it new opportunities for job-seekers in the Charlotte area. The following list contains the jobs with the most anticipated growth in the greater Charlotte area for 2016 that pay higher than the area’s annual wage of approximately $45,800:

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Source: JobsEQ

Many jobs with high-growth demand are becoming more difficult for human resources departments to fill. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently published a list of the most difficult jobs to fill for 2016; they’ll be difficult to fill for a variety of reasons including talent shortages, a retiring workforce and emerging trends in business and consumer needs.

Healthcare is hot

The Affordable Care Act has increased the demand for healthcare services by providing more Americans with health insurance. This, coupled with the aging population and their needs for healthcare services, means the field will continue to grow rapidly over the next several years. Home health aides, physical therapists, registered nurses and medical services managers will be difficult positions to fill while demand for these occupations continues to rise. Nationally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the need for registered nurses will exceed one million new workers over the next seven years (SHRM), with nearly 6,000 of these jobs being in Charlotte (JobsEQ).

Data is hot

Data science is an emerging trend for which employment numbers cannot be accurately predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as it is not currently an identified occupation. According to SHRM article, companies are expected to hire an estimated 4.4 million information technology workers with direct ties to data analysis. In Charlotte, 2015 saw 2,517 job postings with “data” included in the job title (Wanted Analytics). Most of these positions were in finance and insurance, with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, TIAA-CREF and Accenture accounting for 539 of them.

Hospitality is hot

Our growing population and increase in tourism will bring demand for many new jobs in hospitality and retail in 2016 as well. Retail salespeople, fast-food workers and cooks alone will add 1,551 jobs to the Charlotte area next year; the retail and hospitality industries as a whole will bring 3,317 new jobs in 2016.


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