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Hi, everyone:

The last two weeks have brought a great deal of pain, hurt, anger, frustration, and even death. Unlike the COVID-19 pandemic, the pandemic of systemic racism has been with us for centuries and has most recently claimed three more lives – Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. While I’m encouraged to see the unification of people of all backgrounds coming together to dismantle what has divided us, there is still much work ahead.

We at Charlotte Works have a responsibility to support and advocate for workforce development agendas and initiatives that impact systemic change. Charlotte Works is reaffirming our commitment to helping all Mecklenburg County residents achieve economic prosperity by ensuring equal access to employment and skills training opportunities that lead to family-sustaining wage.

We are doing the work that aligns with our strategic plan that includes reducing the skills gap, removing obstacles and roadblocks that hinder career pathway progression and ensuring our services are accessible to all individuals in need. Our goal is and has always been to lead the development of an accessible and inclusive workforce ecosystem that promotes equity. Our values are also reflected in the diverse makeup of our staff and board of directors.

As the workforce development board for Mecklenburg County, we will continue to engage, empower, and employ to make the Charlotte region home to a thriving workforce system generating economic prosperity for all.

To learn more and to find ways to engage with us, visit www.charlotteworks.com.

Stronger together,


Danielle Frazier
President & CEO
Charlotte Works

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