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NCWorks Online: Serving you better

By now, you should have heard about NCWorks Online, the state of North Carolina’s robust new website designed to better connect job-seekers and employers.

Launched August 5, the new site replaces N.C. Job Connector and offers more tools and resources to both those seeking to find work and those with positions to fill.

We hope you’ve already registered on NCWorks Online! If you’re a Charlotte Works job-seeking client, you have until Tuesday, August 20, to do so; after that date, you will no longer have access to your profile or class calendar on the Charlotte Works website.

Read on for more details about how NCWorks Online can help both job-seekers and employers connect!

Job-Seekers: One-stop shop

By registering on NCWorks Online, you can:

  • Access jobs posted directly by employers as well as those collected from major career sites such as CareerBuilder, Monster, LinkedIn and more – all aggregated in one place online so you no longer have to search multiple sites. NCWorks Online is free, so more employers will post more jobs.
  • Apply to those jobs directly from NCWorks Online, using a resume and cover letter you create with the site’s easy-to-use tools (or upload your own).
  • Help employers find you faster by being present on NCWorks Online. (Employers from across the country may look at NCWorks Online to assess available talent when considering whether to relocate to Charlotte; don’t miss your chance to let them know you’re here!)
  • Create a “virtual recruiter” to search job postings and notify you when one matches your skills.
  • Track your job-search activities.
  • Research real-time labor market information such as salaries.
  • Assess your job skills, research training providers, determine a training budget and create a training plan.
  • Register for all of Charlotte Works’ workshops and events, including orientation, coaching sessions, fairs and more.
  • Contact a member of our staff to learn about and determine if you’re eligible to receive an On-The-Job Training grant through your new employer or participate in classroom-based or other training programs to enhance your skills.

Notes for current Charlotte Works clients

Remember, if you’re an existing Charlotte Works client, you can access your profile and the class calendar on Charlotte Works’ website until August 20. After that date, the class calendar will only be available on NCWorks Online. You are still confirmed for any workshops for which you have already registered. Workshops after August 20 and the entire September schedule will be posted on NCWorks Online by August 20. You DO NOT need to attend orientation again after registering on NCWorks Online.

Unfortunately, this will not replace your records with us, so you’ll need to register with NCWorks Online. The registration process on that site is more extensive than Charlotte Works’ process, and you will be asked to enter your Social Security number. North Carolina is required by the federal government, which provides the Workforce Investment Act funds that enable Charlotte Works to operate, to obtain this information for service-tracking purposes.

We realize that this makes the third time in almost as many years that we’ve asked some of you to register on a new site and re-enter your information. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and encourage you to explore and use all the tools on this new site!

If you have an account on NC JobConnector, it will serve as your first point-of-access to NCWorks Online. Log in there first to get your username and password and be directed to NCWorks Online.

We’re aware of some challenges with the transfer of information from NC JobConnector and with NCWorks Online registration. Know that we’re working diligently with the state to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. We’re providing our contacts there with information based on your feedback. Thank you for your patience.

If you have questions or concerns about the transition to NCWorks Online, contact us at 704-206-1350, or post them below. We’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Employers: Service excellence enhanced

By registering on NCWorks Online, you can:

Post a job

  • Define the skills you need.
  • Create competitive job listings.
  • Advertise your jobs to thousands of qualified candidates for free.

NCWorks Online aggregates job postings from Monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn and more into one online site, making it easy for job-seekers to search opportunities on a single platform and helping you reach more of them.

Recruit talent

  • Access the resumes of thousands of qualified individuals.
  • Create a “virtual recruiter” to search candidates and notify you when one matches your skills needs, or explore resumes and skills on your own.
  • Search by experience, education, veteran status, shift availability or any number of parameters.
  • Communicate with job-seekers, training providers and others directly through NCWorks Online.

Analyze the labor market

  • Find clear, concise, accurate, real-time labor market information, such as salaries and economic data, by industry and occupation for your local area.
  • Research education and training programs.
  • Assess real-time job market and candidate trends based on information in NCWorks Online.

Since all N.C. job postings will now be housed on NCWorks Online, Charlotte Works will no longer post jobs on our website.

If you’ve posted a position with us in the last 30 days, it will remain on our Job Listings page until August 29. New positions must be posted on NCWorks Online.

You’ll continue to receive the personal service that you’ve come to expect from Charlotte Works. Our Employer Engagement team stands ready to assist you in registering and/or posting a position on NCWorks Online, providing real-time labor market info or discussing any specific recruitment needs.

Contact Demone Frink, business project coordinator, with questions or concerns about NCWorks, or for assistance in registering or posting a job on the new site. You can also post comments below and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

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