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Lowe’s “never stops improving” hiring

Lowe’s Home Improvement’s tagline, “Never stop improving,” seems to apply to more than just a new sink, garden swing or any other enhancement to your home: it also pertains to how the company seeks and hires new employees, as the 54 Charlotte Works clients who attended the company’s information session on January 6 as part of the Employer Series found.

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Lowe’s Home Improvement human resources managers Rayvon Irby (L) and Maria Taylor (R) share hiring tips with Charlotte Works’ clients at the Jan. 6 information session.

They came to the Employer Engagement Center to learn about seasonal opportunities at the company’s Charlotte-area stores directly from Rayvon Irby and Maria Taylor, human resources managers. (Taylor says Lowe’s human resources managers are out in the community at least monthly to introduce themselves and the company, and feels that coming to Charlotte Works opened a door to reach a whole new market.)

“‘Seasonal,’ because we’re a weather-dependent business,” says Taylor, who serves at Lowe’s Northlake Mall store. “In Lowe’s vernacular, it’s the ‘100 days of summer’ from roughly the end of March to the first of July” when the company hires most seasonal workers.

She says this is also a great time for candidates to “test out” Lowe’s and see if the company is one for whom they’re a good match.

Most available positions are in customer service roles. “In a retail setting, everyone is in customer service,” Taylor notes, adding that the company mainly hires for sales floor, sidewalk (loading merchandise for customers) and cashier positions during this time.

Of the clients who attended the information session, approximately 20 applied for positions; seven made it through the first round of screening. While seasonal hiring is still ongoing, Taylor says “at least a couple” of hires can be traced back to clients.

“I was there with a partner and we discussed our hiring history with the company,” she says. “We shared about Lowe’s culture, application process and the types of candidates we’re looking for.”

First and foremost, Lowe’s seeks people who are “customer-focused, friendly, approachable self-starters.” Taylor says the company is particularly interested in candidates who are willing to communicate feedback. “We’re looking for people who have an innovative mindset, who are out-of-the-box thinkers,” she explains. “People should share in their cover letters – and especially in an interview – how they innovated in a team setting to make their companies better.”

Taylor and Irby also fielded questions from clients about schedules, benefits and work setting.

She notes that Charlotte Works prepares clients well. “Charlotte Works does a great job of talking with candidates and helping them with information to prepare for a job: how to dress appropriately, a good handshake, eye contact, arrive 10 minutes early – things that make a really attractive candidate pool and shows who’s serious about being or getting back in the workforce,” says Taylor.


Still looking? Taylor says that most Charlotte-area Lowe’s stores are still hiring! “Don’t forget to attach your resume!” she says. “We get hundreds of applications per store and there are 26 stores in the market – you do the math! Make yourself stand out with your resume because you only have a few seconds.” Visit Lowe’s Careers page to search and apply for opportunities in Charlotte.

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