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Holiday wishes from Charlotte Works

The holidays are often a time for reflection and thanksgiving.

Charlotte, as a growing community, has much to be thankful for.

The partnerships, volunteers, businesses and staff at Charlotte Works work year-round to ensure that job-seekers who want to return to work or improve their career opportunities have the tools to be successful. According to the book The Coming Jobs War by Gallup chairman Jim Clifton, the one thing above all that all human beings want regardless of race, religion, political background or country, is access to a good job.

But for many individuals in our own community, the prospects for a job are slim. If talent is our community’s greatest resource, then we must double our efforts not only to attract and grow good-paying jobs, but also to help job-seekers and students find new meaning in work. We now have the tools to help people better understand their interests, passions and skills so that individuals aspire to grow in their chosen careers, rather than just seek a paycheck.

Imagine our community where all individuals who want to work can find careers that inspire them to give 110 percent of their skills and talents. Imagine the competitive advantage over other cities Charlotte-area employers would have with a fully engaged workforce.

At Charlotte Works, our holiday wish is for all Charlotteans to find their calling, and, with the help of our partners, we’ll work to train and match them with good career options.

Happy holidays from the board and staff of Charlotte Works!



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