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Holiday wishes from Charlotte Works

Hope is one of the most powerful tools a community can use to bring prosperity to all residents. Yet, rather than promote this tool, we are bombarded each day with messages of fear that sap our hope and divide our community.

Not so long ago, we, as a nation, believed that anything was possible and that every child had the potential to change the world. What changed? Why has fear and doubt crept back into our communities?

Our world, our nation and our community have gone through a cycle of immense change over the past 14 years. New technologies have transformed business and the way people interact. The Great Recession made many of us feel powerless as jobs disappeared and the time-tested paths to success seemingly were swept away as employers demanded more flexibility and different skill sets.

Charlotte Works was founded on the principle of promoting hope. We believe every client has unlimited potential, and it’s our job to unlock our clients’ abilities by helping them to see that potential while understanding the various career paths our community offers.

To be successful, we need to arm local job-seekers and students with better information about the skills employers require, which requires much more coordinated and frequent dialog with business leaders and paying forward what we learn to local educators. Only then can we return hope to our entire community by ensuring every individual has access to a meaningful career pathway.

On behalf of the dedicated staff and board of Charlotte Works, I’d like to wish everyone a safe and hope-filled holiday season.


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