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Holiday wishes from Charlotte Works

The holidays are my favorite time of year. It’s often a time when we reflect on the past year’s achievements and take stock of where we missed the mark. Yet for many Charlotteans, taking stock means the realization that the dream of a middle-class lifestyle is a far-off dream. This dream is hampered by a lack of critical skills and/or experience to fully participate in today’s high-skill job market. Gone are well-paying, low-skill jobs or factory openings that gave entry-level opportunities to those without post-secondary education. Now, post-secondary credentials or degrees are a requirement of almost any well-paying job. Yet many employers can’t find skilled workers to fill many of their most critical positions. Many of these vacant jobs are entry ramps to careers that have opportunities to grow and increase earnings over a worker’s lifetime.

What’s missing? The knowledge and understanding of what skills and experience are truly necessary to apply for many of these open positions. Charlotte Works is working closely with local employers and partners to develop more data so that job-seekers can make informed career decisions. We will also partner with Central Piedmont Community College and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools to develop career pathways so that our future workforce can graduate knowing they’re employable and have room to grow.

At Charlotte Works, our holiday wish is for all Charlotteans to find their calling, and, with the help of our partners, we’ll work to train and match them with good career options.

Happy holidays from Charlotte Works!


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