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Real-time labor market information and local industry data analysis at your fingertips to make informed workforce decisions.

Local Workforce Characteristics

Know the nature of the local workforce before you begin to interview. Learn information like the number of candidates in the area who fit your requirements, the amount of experience they have and their average educational level.

Career Ladders & Career Pathways

Help valued employees navigate their careers! Each career ladder shows a snapshot of the jobs, skills and education levels employers are seeking and salary ranges for the area. Each career pathway shows the ways to progress within an industry and where to get the necessary education to do just that.

Industry & Occupation Trend Projections

How big is the local labor force? What’s the breakdown by educational attainment? How many other companies in the area do what you do? Keep informed on the area’s economy: where it’s at and where it’s headed.

Wage Rate Information

Paying your employees the going rate is key to attainment and retention. What’s the median salary range for the job you’re posting? What do qualified candidates expect to make in that position? What do people in similar jobs make?

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