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Your Guide to the Advanced Manufacturing Career Pathway

Welcome to advanced manufacturing, where robots rule and computer skills and specialized training are as much a part of the job as hard hats and safety glasses. Modern manufacturing is all about merging factory machines and production with technology. Because of an aging workforce and changing nature of currently open positions, manufacturers have a high demand for skilled workers.

Although some more traditional positions in manufacturing are expected to decline, many positions are expected to grow significantly over the next few years and will offer multiple opportunities for advancement. If you like to master machines, develop and analyze processes, design and test products or manage the distribution of finished goods, then a career in manufacturing promises a rewarding future. Explore our career ladder and navigate jobs found in:

  • Production
  • Process Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance Aspects of Manufacturing

Be sure to check out our certified career pathway in Mechatronics if you’re interested in technology and machinery.

Everything You Need to Know About The Mechatronics Pathway

Discover which pathway you can follow from high school level to a four-year college degree and everything in between.

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Occupation Spotlights for Advanced Manufacturing

In each occupation spotlight, you will learn:

  • Common job titles
  • Number of positions posted in this field in Mecklenburg County in past 12 months
  • Annual salary range
  • Education/credentials preferred
  • Top Skills
  • Top Industries

The Occupations

Download the Occupation Spotlight documents to learn more about these in-demand positions.
[one_third]Machinist »[/one_third][one_third]Welder »[/one_third][one_third_last]Industrial Mechanic »[/one_third_last]

Advanced Manufacturing Career Maps

Our Career Map outlines each career path available in the Advanced Manufacturing industry for every level of education. Download the career map to discover where your career in Advanced Manufacturing can start today!

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