Whether you’re unemployed or under-employed, searching for a new job can be frustrating and overwhelming. You need all the resources you can get—and you need them free, fast and easy.

Charlotte Works is here to help.

We oversee the local NCWorks Career Centers to provide job-seekers with a variety of no-cost resources, including career advising and (depending on eligibility) training support to help you find your next career.

It begins with job-seekers registering on NCWorks Online. NCWorks Online is a robust website launched by the state of North Carolina to better connect you to employers and their thousands of job listings across the state. Job-seekers can access jobs posted directly by employers as well as those collected from major career sites such as CareerBuilder, Monster, LinkedIn and more – all aggregated in one place online so you no longer have to search multiple sites.

Whether you’re looking to build your résumé, explore your next career or read the latest job news and announcements, NCWorks Online serves as a valuable resource for every job-seeker in North Carolina.

Community Resources

CARE3 (Community Access to Resources that Engage, Empower and Employ) sites are collaborations with targeted community partners to extend our resources to local neighborhoods so that barriers to employment are reduced or eliminated. These sites provide free access to computers, high-speed Internet, résumé building, workshops, job opportunities and other resources for job-seekers. Click here for a list of participating CARE3 sites. *Note: some sites are closed to the public.

For those with a targeted job search in Mecklenburg County, the workforce career resource guide is an additional resource that connects job-seekers with local organizations. By simply answering a few questions, you can be referred to community partners that best serve your career needs.

Employers are looking for people who not only have the technical skills and experience to do the job, but also bring the “soft skills” that lead to success. This includes communication skills, problem-solving, time management, accountability and more. Working Smart: Soft Skills for Workplace Success provides the tools to help you keep a job, excel at your job and be more productive overall. Click here to learn more about Working Smart and how to register for the program.