Your Path to the Information Technology Career Pathway

Do you like working with computers and databases? Do you like designing web pages or developing software programs? Do you like to solve computer and technical problems or develop large systems for storing and transferring large amounts of data? If so, a career in information technology (IT) may be just the career for you.

Technology is one of the most dynamic career fields because all industries have IT needs, particularly in health care, finance and manufacturing. Duties range from entering and cataloging data to complex web design to large-system security management. Check out our career ladder to explore opportunities in

  • Information support services
  • Programming and software development
  • Network and systems building
  • Web and digital communications

Occupation Spotlights for Information Technology

In each occupation spotlight, you will learn:

  • Common job titles
  • Number of positions posted in this field in Mecklenburg County in past 12 months
  • Annual salary range
  • Education/credentials preferred
  • Top Skills
  • Top Industries

The Occupations

Download the Occupation Spotlight documents to learn more about these in-demand positions.

Information Technology Career Maps

Our Career Map outlines each career path available in the Information Technology industry for every level of education. Download the career map to discover where your career in Information Technology can start today!

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