Grateful and hoping to give back

February 13, 2015 Charlotte Works Staff

According to the United Nations, there are more than 51 million people living as refugees, the highest number since World War II. These days, conflicts don’t so much resolve as endlessly evolve into new conflicts, and more than 10 percent of those currently displaced have been refugees for years, sometimes decades. Living in a state […]

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CPCC’s kickin’ it @ Charlotte Works

December 19, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

Since mid-September, Kisha Boyd-Clyburn, facilitator of program overviews at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC), has been a weekly presence at Charlotte Works. She’s been working to raise awareness about CPCC’s training programs, provide clients with the opportunity to ask questions about their specific situations and learn more about opportunities to enhance their employability. Boyd-Clyburn says […]

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Savvy seekers hose holiday-hiring myth

November 14, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

Now is the time for savvy job-seekers to ignore the myth of holiday-hiring slowdowns and embrace the notion that employers are always looking for exceptional candidates who are the right fit and in the right place at the right time. How can you make the most of this season? First, it pays to take a […]

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Gia Lockhart: A second-chance story

October 17, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

When you meet Gia Lockhart, especially if she’s in her CATS (Charlotte Area Transit System) uniform, you see a classy, cheerful woman with sparkling eyes and a wide smile. What you don’t see is a woman with an eight-page N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles rap sheet that starts with her first ticket at age 12. […]

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On-The-Job Training Grants help small business owner run, grow her business

Charlotte Works Staff

Cheryl Warren has come “back to the coffers” at Charlotte Works more than once in her quest to grow her property management company. Using the On-The-Job Training (OJT) Grants program, Warren has added four staff members to the roster of Rubec Properties, the business she threw herself into full-time in 2008 following a lay-off. “A friend […]

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Working Smart in the workplace: Soft-skills training solution on the way

Charlotte Works Staff

Recently ABB, the power and automation technologies company, added the following “Main Responsibilities and Accountabilities” to its job profile: People-related skills upholds ethics and values; demonstrates integrity; promotes and defends equal opportunities; encourages organizational and individual responsibility towards the community and the environment demonstrates an interest in and understanding of others; adapts to the team […]

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Springing into WIA Classroom Training: Start now for 2015!

September 19, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

“Spring semester” is a deceptive title: spring semester at your local college or university actually begins in January. So although the temperature is still warm, it’s time to think about the winter. Admission deadlines at many institutions are rapidly approaching. Through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), Charlotte Works can provide sponsorship for eligible and suitable […]

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Workforce By The Numbers: Mid-skills healthcare jobs offer career opportunities

August 15, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

Charlotte Works is pleased to introduce a new quarterly feature, Workforce By The Numbers, which will spotlight workforce research from around the region. Data and analysis will be provided through our new partnership with the Charlotte Chamber.   The term skills gap has sprung up so often it has reached buzz-word status, similar to big […]

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Employers: Grow your business while growing your staff

May 16, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

Impact your bottom line while improving the skills of your new hires with an On-The-Job Training (OJT) Grant! On-The-Job Training (OJT) Grants target business needs by training newly hired employees in skilled positions. Participating Mecklenburg County employers are reimbursed 50 to 90 percent of the salaries ($6,000 to $20,000) of their OJT trainees while these […]

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Meeting employer needs: closing the soft-skills gap

April 17, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

Consider these findings from the Closing the Gap: 2012 Skills Survey of North Carolina Employers, conducted by the N.C. Association of Workforce Development Boards: “Communication and Interpersonal Skills represents a primary gap in workplace soft skills. Critical and Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving were also frequently indicated. “Businesses indicated that improved Soft Skills/Personal Effectiveness training […]

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