Mistakes are good, says mock interview coach

Mistakes are good, says mock interview coach

February 19, 2016 | Charlotte Works Staff

One of cleaning-products company Method’s cultural values is the value of mistakes: “We consider mistakes little messes we can learn from; nothing that can’t be cleaned up and made better.” This could very well be one of NCWorks Volunteer Andrea Campbell’s cultural values, too. The mock interview coach says of her experience with clients at […]

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Learning to teach, teaching to learn

November 12, 2015 Charlotte Works Staff

By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn. Latin Proverb Lisa McMillan has a passion for education and a love of learning. And she uses both to benefit both the clients she serves as a resume coach at the NCWorks Career Center at W. Morehead Street and herself. A volunteer since May, McMillan […]

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“Comfortable but challenged:” Volunteer finds support at NCWorks Career Center

August 14, 2015 Charlotte Works Staff

“No one will do the work for you, but they give you the tools to do the work,” says Jason Ray, volunteer orientation leader and NCWorks Career Center client. “I was pleasantly surprised when I walked through the doors and found out about the various support arms available. I would encourage anyone to come be […]

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Much-needed positivity flows from volunteer orientation leader to new clients

May 15, 2015 Charlotte Works Staff

You know how some people change the energy in the room they enter? Some change it for the worse: they make you frenetic or anxious or furious. And some people shift your outlook in a completely different direction with gentleness, calmness and an inherent caring that just infuse the space with positivity. Volunteer Orientation Leader […]

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Volunteer stands ready to answer the question:

February 13, 2015 Charlotte Works Staff

“What have you been doing?” Several years ago, when Charlotte Works was still known as ProNet, Thelma Wright was introduced to the concept of skills-based volunteering – using specialized skills and talents to strengthen a nonprofit organization’s infrastructure. So Wright, a business analyst by trade, took a volunteer project as a financial analyst with RAIN […]

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Volunteer helps clients weather storm of unemployment

November 14, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

When we ask clients to offer testimonials about their experiences at Charlotte Works, it’s a toss-up between volunteer job-search team leaders Bob DeMers and Howard Ross as to who gets more (both quantity and quality) accolades for being an influential part of team members’ searches. While their approaches are different, their compassion and genuine desire to […]

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Volunteer Howard Ross offers clients more than just hope

August 15, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

“I really feel as though I’m making somebody’s life better,” says Charlotte Works’ volunteer Howard Ross. “I’m not here just to give them hope – I’m here to help them with the facts on the ground and get them hired.” And give clients more than hope is what he does: he offers straightforward, practical, sometimes […]

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For this client-volunteer, Charlotte Works is “North star”

May 16, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

Deborah Craig discovered Charlotte Works as a client about a year-and-a-half ago. “I was so impressed with the workshops I took and the instructors,” she says. “My background is in learning and development and I went to Julie [Paul, volunteer manager] and said, ‘Can I volunteer?’ and she said, ‘Sure!’ and I’ve been teaching and […]

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Volunteer strengthens networking skills at Charlotte Works

February 15, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

“Networking is not one of my strong suits,” says Marcus White. “I’m more of an introvert. Being here has increased my ability to reach out, because what I’ve learned is that you never know how one conversation might lead you to another conversation that might lead you somewhere.” And since becoming a volunteer in Charlotte […]

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It’s all about the connections

October 19, 2013 Charlotte Works Staff

“I’m a connector,” says Charlotte Works volunteer Miranda Hairston. “Making a connection is a high point – once I connect, something great has started.” She not only connects with clients during her near-15 hours of weekly volunteering in the Employer Engagement Center, but also with employers and other job-seekers as she moves around the community, […]

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