Strategic plan takes shape in first half of year

Strategic plan takes shape in first half of year

February 19, 2016 | Charlotte Works Staff

As Charlotte Works approaches the second half of the program year, it’s important to take stock of our strategic plan and our progress toward its goals. In June 2015, former President and CEO Steve Partridge launched the strategic plan with a discussion of its areas of focus to positively affect the workforce and the community. Since […]

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New Year’s resolution

January 16, 2016 Charlotte Works Staff

2016 is shaping up to be a busy year. The first few weeks have seen volatility in world equity markets, and soon we’ll finally see the beginning of the presidential election cycle. We’ve also seen year-end job numbers that seem to defy the global slow-down. As I look closer to home, l see construction cranes […]

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Our mistake: Our children’s future

October 16, 2015 Charlotte Works Staff

On a recent visit to Charlotte, U.S. Department of Labor Deputy Secretary Chris Lu spent some time meeting with a group of youth enrolled in Youth Works programs. It’s amazing, the level of insight and discussion youth people can provide when thoughtful questions are asked. Deputy Secretary Lu’s question that generated the most discussion was, “What could […]

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A vision for Charlotte’s future

July 17, 2015 Charlotte Works Staff

Last month, Charlotte Works’ board of directors adopted a new strategic plan to continue the transformation started back in 2011. The three major issues our new plan addresses are economic mobility, system capacity-building and labor market intelligence. As employers struggle to find skilled workers, it’s becoming increasingly clear that a great many of our neighbors […]

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The new world

June 19, 2015 Charlotte Works Staff

Over the past few years, more and more thought leaders have spent their time trying to explain the reason for the growing economic stratification that’s occurring in the U.S. and abroad. In the book Capital in the Twenty-First Century, author Thomas Piketty uses historical data to show that the high-concentration of wealth we are seeing today […]

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The dark side of low unemployment

March 13, 2015 Charlotte Works Staff

The past five years brought difficult times to many Charlotteans as unemployment shot up to double digits and all of us knew a family member, friend or neighbor impacted by job loss. The silver lining of an unusually high unemployment rate was the fact that Charlotte could market itself as a ready-to-work mecca for employers […]

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Workforce boards: Leaders in creativity

August 15, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

The signing of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) into law last month was a major triumph for those of us in the workforce development field. The bipartisan bill will push more accountability and connectivity of regional workforce resources across our nation. Yet, for far too long, many of our nation’s nearly 500 local […]

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Historic bipartisan workforce bill can strengthen system

June 12, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

On May 21, Congress introduced the bipartisan Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). If passed, the new law would effectively replace our nation’s existing workforce development laws (the WIA, or Workforce Investment Act of 1998). The new bill focuses on streamlining programs (eliminating 15 of them), standardizes reporting across programs and helps break down administrative […]

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Charlotte Works goes to Washington

February 15, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

The last week of January proved to be a big one for those of us in the workforce development field. First, a big surprise came during the State of the Union, when President Barack Obama announced he was charging Vice President Joe Biden to lead an effort to reform our nation’s workforce system. Part of […]

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Charlotte Works is out and about

November 15, 2013 Charlotte Works Staff

It’s been a busy few weeks for Charlotte Works! We’ve travelled near and far to share stories about our success with local and state elected officials and national policymakers: On October 28, president and CEO Steve Partridge attended the Charlotte City Council’s dinner meeting to educate council members about our work. He shared information about […]

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