What’s your personal brand?

February 15, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

Whether your job-search efforts have been successful or futile, have you considered these questions: How am I going to get prospective employers to see me as the best candidate to meet their needs? How am I going to differentiate myself from the competition? How can I increase my visibility and position myself for success? An […]

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Sectors are cool: Our five interactive career paths are now live!

January 17, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

If you’ve not checked out the Charlotte Works website lately, here’s a great reason: our new interactive career paths are now live! The pathways explore the 10-county Charlotte region’s five hottest industry sectors: advanced manufacturing, energy, healthcare, information technology and supply chain management. Each pathway highlights careers by education level and area of specialization, with job […]

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It’s Thanksgiving: Here’s a 10-step “recipe” to carving out your career

November 15, 2013 Charlotte Works Staff

OK, so you’ve been out of work for three to nine months – or more – and you have been/are determined to give it your all to find the role you desire. In this economy, it’s not an easy task, but it is achievable! As a career coach, the most common client statement I’ve heard […]

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Broken leg fixes skills enhancement

September 13, 2013 Charlotte Works Staff

Janet Kirkpatrick doesn’t yet know what her next professional opportunity will be, but she knows she’ll be closer to being computer-ready for it whenever it presents itself. Her 33-year career as a registered nurse in the medical intensive care unit and Carolinas Medical Center-Mercy ended when she broke her leg in November 2011. “It was […]

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Five tips to reboot your fall job search

August 18, 2013 Charlotte Works Staff

It’s August, which means not only back-to-school time for students, but also back-to-finding-work time for some job-seekers! It can be hard to stay on task when sunny days, swimming pools, ice cream sundaes, beach vacations and other summer distractions commandeer the time and attention you’d normally focus on finding your next career opportunity. To help […]

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July workshops focus on diverse topics

July 14, 2013 Charlotte Works Staff

We have some exciting new workshops scheduled for later this month! Check out these offerings and register to attend from your Charlotte Works profile. If you’re not a Charlotte Works client, create your profile, register to attend an orientation and then sign up! Hooking the Screening Interviewer: Winning the Opportunity to Compete for the Job […]

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