Are you using the right job-search sites?

February 13, 2015 Charlotte Works Staff

In our coaching sessions, we talk about not using just one generic version of your resume, but customizing different resumes for your various target positions and companies. The same is true for not using just one venue or website for your job search – especially since some sites are rife with false promises and very […]

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Networking advice from Yoda, would you take?

Charlotte Works Staff

I couldn’t talk about a job search without mentioning the importance of networking. If the trick to the success of a restaurant is location, location, location, then the rallying cry for job-seekers ought to be network, network, network! People often say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. That tells me that I […]

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Jump-start your job search in 2015

January 16, 2015 Charlotte Works Staff

The holidays are over, the gifts are put in their proper places, the refrigerator is (nearly?) empty of goodies, the kids are back at school … time to jump-start your job search in this new year! From re-doing your resume to attitude adjustments, advice for landing a new job abounds from all kinds of sources. […]

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CPCC’s kickin’ it @ Charlotte Works

December 19, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

Since mid-September, Kisha Boyd-Clyburn, facilitator of program overviews at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC), has been a weekly presence at Charlotte Works. She’s been working to raise awareness about CPCC’s training programs, provide clients with the opportunity to ask questions about their specific situations and learn more about opportunities to enhance their employability. Boyd-Clyburn says […]

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Savvy seekers hose holiday-hiring myth

November 14, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

Now is the time for savvy job-seekers to ignore the myth of holiday-hiring slowdowns and embrace the notion that employers are always looking for exceptional candidates who are the right fit and in the right place at the right time. How can you make the most of this season? First, it pays to take a […]

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Are you in the right mindset for job search?

August 15, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

Many of us seeking employment believe we know exactly how to start looking. We must update our resumes, update our LinkedIn pages, make the connections for networking, etc. Those are all great places to start. However, we can jump out there too soon. We become impatient because we worry about our finances. Are we ready […]

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Pop some corn! We’re making sectors cool through video

July 18, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

Charlotte Works and the Centralina Workforce Development Board have teamed up with WTVI to produce a series of five videos spotlighting young professionals who work in the hottest in-demand sectors in the region. Each video tells both the personal and professional stories of a young person in the early stages of career development. The workforce development boards and […]

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It’s a new day in your job search!

June 12, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

It has been our privilege and pleasure to serve you at the South Boulevard JobLink! Our last day will be Friday, June 27. Services at this office will be transferred to other locations. Ask your staff contact for details. More services, more locations: Charlotte Works We look forward to continuing to support your job search […]

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Leaves are falling in the world of WIA

May 16, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

It may be May, but to paraphrase Led Zeppelin, leaves are fallin’ all around, it’s time you were on your way! Which means that if you’re interested in getting Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Classroom Training funds for post-secondary educational programs that start this fall, it’s time for you to be on your way in the process […]

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Get social in your job search

Charlotte Works Staff

Social media is at the forefront of every industry and is in the news constantly. Where else can we share our opinions, likes, commentary and status in real time to such a vast audience? Nowhere. So if you want to be effective in the digital age, you have to develop an online presence. Social media […]

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