Employer Extra: New year, new tools to make your hiring easier

January 16, 2016 Charlotte Works Staff

It’s a new year, and everyone – job-seekers and employers alike – are dusting off resumes and cover letters, job descriptions, hiring plans and timelines, etc. As an employer, you have a wealth of resources available to ease the pain of the hiring process. We wanted to share two particular ones with you: a new […]

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Manpower finds success at Forest Point Boulevard career center

October 16, 2015 Charlotte Works Staff

Every Wednesday since this spring, Manpower Talent Acquisition Specialist Angela Ates has been setting up temporary shop in a spare office at the NCWorks Career Center at Forest Point Boulevard. With laptop and latte in hand, she informally interviews between 10 and 40 job-seekers for such positions as welders, mail clerks, warehouse workers, machine operators […]

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Are you work ready?

Charlotte Works Staff

Whether you’re a job-seeker or an employer, or have a vested interest in workforce development, you may have heard about the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) and the push to certify Charlotte as a Work Ready Community. But what exactly are these certifications and how can they work for you? What is the NCRC? In […]

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Employer Extra: The benefits of hiring a veteran

July 17, 2015 Charlotte Works Staff

Hiring veterans is not only good for business, but a smart decision when considering the skills needed to fill current positions in a tight job market. As of late, the job market has become tight due to the uptick of skills gaps in not only technical, but also soft, skills of candidates. As hiring managers […]

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NCWorks Online, business services team create powerful combo to serve employers

June 19, 2015 Charlotte Works Staff

Since NCWorks Online debuted as the state of North Carolina’s robust job-search tool for employers and job-seekers in 2013, hundreds of thousands of people in both groups have used the site to post jobs, search jobs, hire and get hired. We thought it would be interesting to take a quick snapshot of how Mecklenburg County […]

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Who’s driving the bus?: Steering away from a leadership talent gap

April 16, 2015 Charlotte Works Staff

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. Peter Drucker   We’re running short of leaders. Today’s leadership capacity is insufficient to meet future leadership requirements. Many managers and executives are voicing their fears that the talent they have is not the leadership talent they need. In the past, employees spent years […]

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Employers, you’ve got the who, what; we’ve got the when, where, why

Charlotte Works Staff

Are you a recruiter or hiring manager who has multiple positions to fill? Yes? Then this story is for you! Did you know that each of Charlotte’s three NCWorks Career Centers has space and staff to host an information session or recruiting or hiring event for you? No? Then this story is definitely for you! […]

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Employer Extra: Welcome to the talent wars: recruiting in a tight labor market

January 16, 2015 Charlotte Works Staff

Times have changed and we now face two converging realities. One is the tight labor market resulting from the low unemployment rate. The other is the set of factors that comprise the changing nature of work: the organizations and jobs into which people are being recruited are moving targets, the workforce is increasingly under-skilled for […]

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Kellogg Co. is sweet on dislocated workers; swaps cookie production to host job fair

December 19, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

On a recent clear December morning, the only smell of baking cookies was the warm, sweet scent lingering in Charlotte’s Kellogg plant. Usually you can smell the Famous Amos chocolate chips, Keebler Fudge Stripes and other delectables all over the neighborhood, but on this day, the plant shuttered cookie production for production of another kind: […]

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On-The-Job Training Grants help small business owner run, grow her business

October 17, 2014 Charlotte Works Staff

Cheryl Warren has come “back to the coffers” at Charlotte Works more than once in her quest to grow her property management company. Using the On-The-Job Training (OJT) Grants program, Warren has added four staff members to the roster of Rubec Properties, the business she threw herself into full-time in 2008 following a lay-off. “A friend […]

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