On-The-Job Training Funds

Other training funds include On-the-Job Training Grants (OJT) that target the needs for business new hires. On-the-Job Training Grants provide wage/salary reimbursements to Employers to compensate for costs associated with skills upgrade training and/or loss of production for new hires. Employers may receive reimbursement of 50-90% of the wage/salary for their OJT Trainees.  Percentage of reimbursement and length of reimbursable period (the OJT Contract period) varies based on the size of your organization and the specific skills training needed for the new hires.

For more information and/or an On-the-Job Training Fact Sheet (PDF), please contact Jim Korth, OJT Specialist (704-390-7093) or Sheila Hemphill, OJT Manager.